Welcome back to BlackFridaySites.com! With Black Friday becoming more and more popular every year, we know there are many sites that have popped up claiming to be the best Black Friday site around. We're here to be your guide to all the Black Friday web sites out there, both the contenders and the pretenders.

We've been following Black Friday and these various sites for many years now and we'll save you valuable time by pointing you to the best of these sites. Also, your clicks will help determine our rankings as well, so support your favorite site by clicking on them in the list below. Your clicks will help move them up the list and will help others find the best sites.

Finally, if you have your own Black Friday site and don't see it listed below, we want to know about it! Feel free to send us an e-mail at new@blackfridaysites.com. We'll evaluate your site and if it's legit, we'll add it to the list below. Just make sure your site brings something new to the party - just copying and pasting ads from other sites won't get you here.


#1Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com
Our personal favorite Black Friday site. This one has been around since 2003 and has improved every year. Any site can post lists and scans of ads, but GottaDeal.com has the largest Black Friday message boards every year with very passionate Black Friday shoppers. The site also has a great shopping list feature as well as a mailing list for getting notified of new ads posted. Highly recommended.
Another great site that has been around forever. Along with Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com, they have annually been the top 2 sites for the last 5 years. Easy access to scanned ads, great navigation of ad listings and a mailing list are some of this site's best features. Design could use an update one of these years, but otherwise a very good site.
Another cookie cutter Black Friday site with not much besides text listings of the ads (usually copied verbatim from the more popular sites). Distracting use of Google ads makes this site a non-entity in the Black Friday battle this year. Better luck next time, boys.
One of the older Black Friday sites (and with a great domain name), this site has not taken advantage of it's previous popularity and has fallen back in line with the pack. They have the lists of ad items, mailing list and some FAQs about Black Friday, but you can get that at the bigger sites. The design could also use a makeover as well.
The site with the difficult-to-remember name is back this year, and like a lot of other Black Friday sites, they have the ad lists, scans and really nothing else. There is really no reason to visit this site with many much better alternatives out there this year.
This mini-site is a part of a regular deals site, and since it relies more on visitor participation, the content is sparse. Discussions are not very active, and while you'll find the ads posted here eventually, we can't think of too many reasons to make this a regular stop unless things change drastically this year. More of an afterthought by the site owners to capitalize on Black Friday traffic.
Another one of the newer Black Friday sites that basically has lists of ad items, ad scans for most of the ads and a mailing list. Not much else exciting here and nothing that you can't get at a better site. So we'd recommend skipping this one in favor of another site higher on the list.
This site was created as an off-shoot of an online coupon listing site, and there isn't much to write home about. They have the usual lists of Black Friday ad items along with a mailing list, but there really is no reason to make this your primary Black Friday site this year when there are much better competitors.
This site is a spinoff of a regular deal site and while they have the requisite listing of ads and mailing list for new ad alerts, there isn't much else to keep coming back for. Black Friday sites like this are a dime a dozen - lists of ad items with not much else. This site could stand to add some features such as a shopping list or a more active forum, but as it stands now, we'd recommend using another site.
This site has a Black Friday sub-forum as a part of their main forum, but that's about it. So while you'll find some discussion (but nowhere hear as much as the forums on Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com) and the ad lists and scans posted, the fact that everything is combined into one forum makes things hard to navigate, and the lack of any other tools such as shopping list features, e-mail alerts or any kind of sorting/searching capability for the ads takes away from this site's usefulness for Black Friday.