Welcome back to BlackFridaySites.com! With Black Friday becoming more and more popular every year, we know there are many sites that have popped up claiming to be the best Black Friday site around. We're here to be your guide to all the Black Friday web sites out there, both the contenders and the pretenders.

We've been following Black Friday and these various sites for many years now and we'll save you valuable time by pointing you to the best of these sites. Also, your clicks will help determine our rankings as well, so support your favorite site by clicking on them in the list below. Your clicks will help move them up the list.


Our personal favorite Black Friday site. This one has been around since 2004 and has improved every year. Any site can post lists and scans of ads, but GottaDEAL has the largest Black Friday message boards every year with very passionate Black Friday shoppers. The site also has a great shopping list feature as well as a mailing list for getting notified of new ads posted. Highly recommended independently owned and run site.
Another site that has been around forever. Along with GottaDEAL, they have been the top 2 sites for the last 15 years. Easy access to scanned ads, great navigation of ad listings and more. Points deducted for the awful distracting watermarks (who does that anymore?). Now owned by a large Japanese e-commerce conglomerate.
#3Black Friday Archive
While this site doesn't post current year's Black Friday ads, they serve as an amazing resource to travel back in time to browse past Black Friday ads going back to 2004 with more coming soon. Relive the glory days before Thanksgiving openings.
This site has a Black Friday forum as a part of their main forum. So while you'll find some discussion and the ad lists and scans posted, the fact that everything is combined into one forum makes things hard to navigate unfortunately.
Another cookie cutter Black Friday site with not much besides text listings of the ads (usually copied verbatim from the more popular sites). Distracting use of Google ads makes this site a non-entity in the Black Friday battle this year.
One of the older Black Friday sites (and with a great domain name), this site has not taken advantage of it's previous popularity and has fallen back in line with the pack. They have the lists of ad items, mailing list and some FAQs about Black Friday, but you can get that at the bigger sites. The design could also use a makeover as well.
This site paid a king's ransom for the BlackFriday.com domain but really doesn't do much that the other sites don't already do. They have the ads and toy catalogs but don't provide much content beyond that. Stick with the sites higher on the list.